How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

Isn’t it so annoying your most used stuff as an office chair sinking whether it is not much old one? So, how to fix a sinking office chair is a favorable answer of query which indulgences to ensure more comfortability in your working time without taking experienced help to fix the common problem which supports you to sit in the same position for more than six hours.

Majority of the chaire  came with  height adjustability those done by a cylinder to pressurize the air and when it fails to do the task,as a result the problem is occurred.

Whatever the reason, use your office chair for a long time or valve leak  is to face the handicap you should know the process thoroughly to sort out the issue.As this is not a big problem that you will consider your chire a garbage because there are several ways without purchasing a replace cylinder,a expensive way to fix the problem which can be used how to fix a sinking office chair.Read carefully rest of the article.

Leading Reasons for Sinking

To find right you have to know what are the reasons behind office chair sinking such as leak on the deepest area after long term use of height adjustability piston.On the other hand proper oiling and adequate maintenance can be the foremost reason for this.

Methods of  How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair

Here we present several ways for DIY projects to fix a sinking office chair with least cost.Use the proper which match your problem to solve properly.

Oiling Treatment for The Components

For every mechanical part of stuff  required good maintenance to work properly for rounds of the year.If your find any friction on your chair using time you should check out the chair active mechanical parts as lever.In this cases lack of lubricant is usual issue white you can easily fix this using oil on the joints of the chair which helps to smooth up and finally stopping the shrinking.

Fasten The Linked of Clamp

It is very common your chair can be different than other.So if you find less shrinking go with only tightening the pipe clamp.In this method you should remove the legs of chair and uncover the lever.After reaching the pipe clamp cut two small shard of protection  under it and another one under the fitting.This will works to stop shrinking when you have tighten the pipe clamp until it fixed to the priston.Though it is a temporary solution but works on primary problem.

Change The Pneumatic Cylinder

Whether you are sure there is the problem in the the cylinder or pneumatic spring to get best result replace it.In the most cases because of huge uses this got damaged very quickly.In this method you can take help from the manual instruction.Once you change the cylinder you will get your flexible as before was.If you’re not confident much to do yourself take help from expert.

Use a Hose clamp

First of all,shart your method by sliding the plastic cylinder clockwisely which is joined to the wheel of the seat thoroughly until you wont find the metal cylinder which usually places undernate of them.Though most of the chair come with a cover of plastic tape over the cylinder to protect it from the dame of external pressure or usual dirt.And after getting metal cylinder set it with preferably height to fix it.Confirm the desired height by double checking as it won’t move anymore if you fixes one.You can ensure the right measurement by taking your knee size when you are standing.

Purchase 2cm hose clamp from near your hardware store to wrap around the cylinder.Then loosen this and pull out the belt to the end.And wrap the metal cylinder but not tightly.At the highest visible point on the cylinder use a strip of rubber to provide the clamp better surface .You can also took a couple of duct tape to do the same work to improve the grip of the clamp.After that as much as possible without breaking tighten the clamp and place the hose clamp to the top of the cylinder.Yet,pulling the hose clamp and tighten it securely by rotating the screw.

Probably your chair is able to slide down as the past clamp.While you it is the wrong height move the clamp higher or lower on the cylinder to set it properly.

Use a Plastic Spacer 

Among all the ways to fix sinking of chair this one most picked which works all the types of chair and more safety featured.This method is alike hose clamp method but accurate measurement helps to fit the PVC pipe perfectly.Measurement of the cylinder in diameter with a ruler after  leaving the plastic cover.To set the chair on demanded length and take the right measurement as you can assume the size of PVC pipe which will need to purchase.Make sure your chair is on right height one more time.Don’t forget to wear a protective gear as the tube is a da=ngerous particle and will be happened something unpleasant.And cut the pipe with the same length but not the half from  the center.

Now it time to place the PVC pipe onto the cylinder which will run from top to bottom.Look there will be an opening snap,while you set against the cylinder it mabe difficult for the gripping but you will do twirling from moving down.And reset the whole arrangement and test the chair by sitting.


We are enough confident that our methods will be really effective which did not expensive to how to fix a sinking office chair without calling expert or replace the full system.To make easy and undersustable we present them short and simple words.After this learning methods you can easily fix this issue and can work in a quiet environment throughout the day.These are the most used treatment for to resort your office chair to at sinking problem.So no more struggling with them even follow these and make them comfortable once like an expert.

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