How to Clean an Office Chair

How to Clean an Office Chair

When you have a desk job you have lot of experience spending a larger portion of the day sitting on a office chair with desk and how to clean  an office chair solution need frequently as there is lots of possibility to fall food, ink or drink and their dirt ,stains and spill. As you used them regularly you should keep them get rid of these unpleasantries to not attract from germ and  bacterias to serve you good health and working environments.

Along with thousand benefits of ergonomic office chair while they also have differen parts to clean separately and following particular instructions. Dont mess this these. Because we have done so many recharged on this topic to offer you more convenient and effective way which will be helpful to protect your investment and keep the impression always spick and span of every clients.

However, this guide is all about cleaning and maintaining your office chair which ensure you utmost comfortability without back pain. These are reliable and most applied methods with tips for how to clean  an office chair.

 Method of how to clean an office chair

Every time you won’t do the cleaning of an office chair only the upholstery even thoroughly step by step,So stay with this writing how you complete the task and which steps come fast and rest of activities.

Primary steps for all kinds of upholstery

There are few steps which are recommended for all types of upholstery to clean they in right manner.These are:

  1. Read carefully the upholstery care tag to avoid any kind of mistake
  2. Keep and use all the cleaning products in well ventilated space
  3. Take a small test before experimenting with a new cleaning product in an extended area of your chair
  4. Be conscious of any kind of strain, dont let them dry sweep them fastly as a result they will be easy to remove at the time of cleaning
  5. Do be rough any kind of strain which can be reason of a huge damage
how to deep clean an office chair

Learn about the used sign in care tag

Majority of the branded chair comes with a care tag to customers to give better knowledge about the product cleaning.This care level can be varied according to chair fabrics so find out what manufacturer suggests to clean the chair.So get an idea about the sign itself being a instructions toward this cleaning process:

  • “W” suggests this upholstery is favorable to wash with water and water based products,which is the most common care tag.
  • “S” is the code of cleaning products with water free solvent for the office chair whose upholstery can be damaged with water like cotton, rayon or wool.
  • “W/S” have multitude  suggestions for both as either water based produce or a solvent to cleaning the chair.
  • “X” indicates cleaning the office chair only brushing or vacuuming.In these cases both water based products or solvent both can be harmful for their upholstery.

Note: To find this care level or tage look at the undernathe of the upholstery seat which one or letter.If there is no tag check the owner manual because there must have the instructions on how you will clean and maintain them.

Clean off the dust and debris

As we know very well regular basis vacuuming or cleaning makes your upholstery durable and simple to deep cleaning process.Depending on the types of upholstery type use cleaning procedure such as low suction of vacuum cleaner for fabric.

Steps for water based cleaning “W”

If you’re going to clean 100% polyester products with W code which have acrylic baking to febrics dimensional stability.Steps:

  • Remove the debris and dust using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a cleaning solution which is made with mixing of  water and a few drops of mild soap on a small portion to check its effectiveness on the upholstery’s texture and colour.
  • Once you find this mixture work great appy it with a small dampened cloth on the stain not pour the cleaning solution onto your furniture directly which can create blot the furniture.Repeat the same process if nedded.

Steps for water free cleaning or dry cleaning products (“S”)

These types of cleaning products are available in furniture stores or home improvement stores even from online shops, you can purchase them very easily.Steps:

  • First of all test on small areas,then deal with large areas confidently.
  • Use the cleaning product with a dampened cloth and and gently raze on the stains.To remove the strain completely repeat the same process if needed.
  • Try to work with these dry cleaning or solvent products in a well ventilated area and follow all the instructions carefully. 

Steps for water based or water products(S/W)

  • The office chair upholstery comes from blending of polyester or  100% recycled polyester manufacturer suggest to both washing methods.Steps:
  • Read the instruction of the cleaning product whatever you choose water based or water free.One more thing for better cleaning start with vacuum and lightly brush on the furniture.
  • For smelly furniture you can use baking soda or white vinegar

Step for leather office chair cleaning 

Leather chair is elegance and comfortable pieces for an office environment.ut a high quality  chair requires good investment and good care to serve you more durability and functionality.Steps:

  • Follow the cleaning direction which comes from the manufacturer according to the leather type.
  • To make a cleaning solution, mix a quart of distilled water and a few drops of liquid soap and take a drmp lint free cloth and apply the solution on the stain to wipe, not scrub.

Primary tips for maintaining the cleanliness of an office chair

Only cleaning cannot confirm longevity and new like look,which similarly depends on the proper maintenance too.There ase tips for offering your chair stainless and odorless for rounds of the years:

  • Choose a good protective cover for your office chair
  • Avoid any kind of spill and dirt on the chair
  • Weap fastly while accidently falling on anything liquid or debris.
  • Be Careful to keep the chair a considerable distance from fireplace or sunlight
  • To maintain their good look you should vacuum this with a soft brush attachment which won’t scratch on the leather. While wipe them weekly not scrubbing with conditioning.


It seems the procedure of how to fix a sinking office chair will take a large amount of time but when you can do this weekly or monthly basis your task will be time saving and effortless. Here in this article we provide guide on the different type of chair upholstery to make you more efficient on your task. After cleaning the upholstery you should move on cleaning of wheels, arms and the case of removing wheel you can use butter knife. These all are best ways to clean your office chair. So, choose one according to your upholstery type and get reliable cleaning.

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