How to Reupholster an Office Chair

How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Reupholstering of an office chair offers more cozy with your liking fabric,pattern and style and finally saves money.But how to reupholster an office chair can be a tricky process for some people.When you have an easy and clear guideline this will be a fun DIY project.Then you realizes it is looks complicated but not so actually.So,it a great alternative of replacing them.

To complete the tasks successfully you need  to take several steps one by one.In this process you need some tool which help to disassemble and organized it again.In the rest of post we put together all the needed instruction clearly to learn you the process,through that you can deal with how to reupholster an office chair most deligently.

Things will be needed

These materials and tools mostly available in your home while putting together will save time and energy.Have a look:

  • New decor  fabric
  • Staple puller
  • Staple gun
  • Glue gun
  • Screwdriver set
  • Pair of scissors
  • Heavy gloves and eye protection 
  • Pins
  • Needle nose pliers

Approximate costing  of  reupholster an office chair

It dependent on your your purchasing fabric types and chair size.Other materials and tools cost will be helpful to other project and chores.Some times these tools are available in your home.If your choose cotton or polyester type of fabric and other accessory like pin the overall cost will be less than $30 except tools.Try to choose blending polyester or cotton fabric as they are comfortable,long lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

How to reupholster an office chair

From dessemble to the chair to reassemble we have partitioned five distinctive steps which as well rehearsed and most transparent ways to move forward of reupholster your office chair.So floor us in your new journey: 

Step – 1: Disassemble the chair

Shart with taking picture of the chair in every angle which  makes you confident and faster to complete  the process of reassembling .As we are disassembling an office chair there is a huge possibility to have armrest ,and you should start here.Most of the chairs need to unscrew the arm from their respective fixtures as with its being complicated to do.Then flip your chair and find out all the bolts or screws which is used to fasten the upholstery to the seat pan.Try to loosen one by one and left the base from the cushion.

While you taken apart the armrest,now you can move toward the seat and further backrest.If you get the pan deep set screws and shell like base are placed in complicated position use the electric screw set while rest of process of taking apat being much easier.Usually the back cushion have plastic covering which might be reason to not fit the screw quickly,if you want you can pop off the cover for clear viewing.Of course this step will be more easy when you use your common sense according to situation demanding. 

Step – 2: Pick out the old stable and upholstery

There must have strong stapes or series of small staples back on the seat pan of the chair to keep fabric intact ,while you can find difference upto chair model.To move the next level of  reupholstery use needle nose pliers to pick out them smoothly and upholstery from the more thing you should shart your this step a corner of the uph olstery. In some cases you want to install your new fabric over the old one,yet don’t go through this steps.

Step – 3: Cut new upholstery and fabric per seat size

To cut your new febric at first you spread out  beneath the seat  while wood backing should be facing upward.If you want to replace old foam layer with new one,you can do in this time easily.Taking the upholstery’s measurement will be easy when you cut the fabric by folding and start with around the edges of the seat,It is not mandatory to be the measurement accurate but keep your mind that for attracting this to the wood base you will need four inches extra after accompanying the entire upholstery.Finally take a pair of scissors and cut the right length of fabric.

Step – 4:Attach the new sizing febric on the chair

All the time it is not necessary to attain a tailoring class to do all things like give a specific shape of office chair,we know it is a bit complicated but you can practice several times with old cloth to be accurate with watching videos which have the internet on this topic.

Once you nail it next move towards attaching the new febric with the back part of the seat after finding the excess fabric.Ensure you place the of the febric on flat and spread the glue from glue gun over the whole area where you want to attach ,them press smoothly and finally secure it ultimately by staple.Don’t be aggressive to pull the fabric when you have complete your chair corner and star to tight triangular ford as this create wrinkle which proves your waste of time and neatly reupholstory.If there is leftover fabric cut the with patience and finish up  the seat portion.You should follow this steps for backrest and armrest too.Leave them for 2 hours to dry complete which permit you to move next level.

Step – 5: Reassemble the chair

It is the last but crucial part of this task.When you have completed all the thing from beijing to still now,be confident rest of the work will be superb.But be careful to reassemble them that there shouldn’t be anything left.In this cases the photos you have taken you can take help from the to fix each pieces in accurately.At the time of trilling the screws through the wood base,there nothing to get worried when abou ruining the fabric covering  you mark and do that what really need.


Maybe this entire process of  how to reupholster an office chair  seems very complicated when you are reading this article but when you start working to follow this step by step which finally presents a classic and well organized office chair reupholstery. While your old office chair can be good option to provide new look for you workplace rather than a garbage of this planet even with lots of saving money.So,go for it when you have an old office chair in garage.

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