Best Office Chair Under $200 Ultimate Reviews And Buying Guide In 2023

Best Office Chair

For more than 8  productive hours in your office, a good office chair’s importance is undeniable while it comes with a reasonable price and you should know the best office chair under $200 to have great knowledge about them. Particularly if your office chair is not comfortable enough it increases back pain, neck pain, and more only because of your carelessness in picking the right office chair. 

It is not actually difficult to find a good office chair in the market as there are so many websites and reputed online shops through their catalog with the best collection of their shop. But it will be difficult to find these office chairs in your budget. Our today’s distinctive guidelines will help you to get the right match with requirements and budget.

However, In most cases, we think things that are inexpensive might not be durable and reliable for rough uses but we spend much time making this review for you with the help of customers’ comments, queries and demands. And the best office chair under $200 is a well-made list of office chairs which provide 18 options to pick easily the best according to your needs.

Types of Office Chair

According to different purpose and desk design there are various kinds of office chair available in the market. We present here only 10 which are most popular choices. These are:

Big and tall chair

These chairs are designed for heavy people in lighting and height as they have a minimum  250ibl and 6.6 feet user suggestions.

Conference chair

For meeting and conference this chair is designed which implies it name oneself. When you want to purchase a chair for 4 to 6 hours these are superb within a low budget.

Ergonomic chair

These chairs are a form of tons convenience in adjustability in their seat depth, knee tilt and seat height which makes them unparalleled to other types.

Executive chair 

Adding excessive padding is the main noticeable thing of this type of chair which ensures comfort with ergonomic features. Moreover, they have an aesthetic look and high back.

Petite chair

It can be a substituted option for big and tall chairs as they are designed for smaller height people use.

Kneeling chair

To keep the user’s thigh at 60 to 70 degrees than 90, a standard office chair to reduce back stain is the main feature and benefit. 

Stacking Chair

While you need more space in meetings the receptionist area’s stacking chair is a suitable one as you can free your space and keep them stacked after finishing the task.

Drafting Chair

To give brilliant support for the drafting table these types of chairs were designed like standing-height tables and counter height meeting tables.

24 hours Chair

For corporate offices where the use of the office is constant this type of chair is suggested for its sturdy construction, balanced padding and other ergonomic adjustments.

Armless Chair

These chairs are convenient to reach the desk very closely while users of these chairs feel extensive freedom to do anything with our armrest restriction.

–Our Top Picks–

We examine each product from every angle such as height adjustability, comfortability, head and armrest and their construction and try to give adequate information what you really want to know to make confident to purchase the best office chair under $200. So, stay with us to the last of writing.

Budget Friendly

Desk Chair

1. Ergonomic Office Chair : Computer Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support

Key Features:

  • Native sponge filled seat cushion for comfort
  • Soft velveteen skin friendly armrests
  • Rounded corner for safety
  • Incorporates with 90 degree flip up armrests
  • Comes with 25 degree rocking style 
  • Non slip and wear resistance wheel from mute nylon

Designed with erogmetc design with native sponge filled seat cushion offers you more comfortable seating experience whether you are you have seated more than 9 hour out of 24 hours. This have 90 degree flip up armrest with soft velveteen skin friendly cover which is more convenient in use and and relaxation. While the safety features conform with Sgs certified level 3 cylinder and rounded corner as your kid move freely.

Moreover in this chair have adjustable lumbar support with 5cm hand-like property to give you a massage-like feel while 25 degree rocking style increases your working potentiality. According to the task and employ height adjustability of the chair, height provides another level of customizability. THe 360 swivel seat and the Custer moving system are ultimately free to move in any direction. Together with a stable base and alloy frame construction cable;e to support 250 lbs. 

Why we picked it 

  • Elegant and simple design for home and office use
  • Adjustable height and lumbar support
  • SGS certification for level 3 cylinder
  • Dirt resistant and breathable elastic mesh for durability 
  • weight capacity is maz 250 ibl with solid base
  • Rotates 180 degree 

Note: It is really hard to find any shortcoming of this chair but this doesn’t recline its back itself like the seat can.

2. Leather Office Chair - Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair

leather office chair

Key Features:

  • Back and forth rocking design
  • Adjustable backrest 
  • Height adjustability in armrest and height
  • Heavy duty smooth rolling casters
  • Sturdy and durable chair
  • Pillow for headrest and lumbar rest cushion are removal

Leather office chairs always have an elegance look with supreme durability. When this piece of furniture have extremely soft cushion and think back cushion to make your working or gaming time bleissful. This have head and lumbar pillow to match your complete body with the ergonomic sturdy metal construction of the chair. While you want to more formal environment you can remove them.

Overall dimension of this chair is 20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches and weight is 50 pound more adequate with such a beautiful chaire which come with height adjustability arms  and reclining option from 70 to 190 degree. On the contrary 5 point claw with nylon made smooth custers and heavy duty base capable to hold up to 300 lbs weight along with extent of mobility. This ships with all assembling tools for hassle free get together them. 

Why we picked it 

    • Back and forth rocking design
    • Adjustable backrest 
    • Height adjustability in armrest and height
    • Heavy duty smooth rolling casters
    • Sturdy and durable chair
    • Pillow for headrest and lumbar rest cushion are removal

Note: Because of their well constructed and large size it could be heavy as this has 50 pounds weight.

3. Office Chair Without Wheels - Flash Furniture Black Mesh Sled Base Side Reception Chair

office chair without wheels

Key Features:

  • Weight capacity 250 ibl 
  • Padded flip armrest incorporation
  • Comes with 5 years warranty feature
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in several colours
  • Great lumbar supporting style

Cantilever shed office chair are easy going for small space office while you can use them only meeting and presentations. Among the other office chair this have customer reliable warranty feature and commercial grate test certification. To pick this chair you have several colour option match your decoration. Mesh back design serves supreme comfortability which have breathability and lumbar support.

White stitching on the seat and armrest offer this aesthetic look and durability for rounds of years years. The padded flip up armrest easily accompanying the user full arms for relaxation. The smooth rocking  and excellent lumbar support won’t their long time sitting. The blending of the steel construction and high density foam allow ultimate goals of office chair. For your sensitive floor and carpet this ava anti tip glides.

Why we picked it 

    • Well customer reviewed product
    • Carries amazing overall rating 
    • Anti glide ensure safety and food protection
    • Ergonomic and stylish design
    • Pass with commercial grade test
    • This offer gentle rocking for relaxation

Note: The seat of this chair is not well padded which can be uncomfortable after 3\4 hours sitting.

4. Office Chair With Wheels - Ergonomic Swivel Black Mesh Computer Chair

office chair with wheels

Key Features:

  • Back seat have 30 degree tilt
  • Flip up armrest increase flexibility 
  • Super comfortable foam cushion
  • Durable and Lightweight 
  • Ergonomic back support 
  • SGS certified gas lift cylinder

For those who are not expert to assemble  office chair manufacturer responsibly provide a assembling video and instruction to make their task more smooth.With the high quality mesh for sweat free and comfortable sitting with human common postures. The cousin of the chair is high resilience to not let down in any situation for home and office working atmospheres. 

One of the best things of this chair is its adjustability on their height, armrest and tilt tension.Yet this have 360 degree swivel in seat and  clusters enlarge your mobility for one place to another without leaving chair. Used gas cylinder id high quality as  SGS  certified. Double sided ergonomic designs ensure back pain 47×50 cm seat dimensions gives spacious place for anyone sitting.

Why we picked it 

    • 360 degree seat and casters
    • 4 inch height adjustability
    • It has rocking function
    • Engineered for high quality materials
    • Comes with installation video and instruction
    • Simple to assemble

Note:  Sadly this product has no warranty features so purchase them on your luck.

5. Office Chair With Massage - Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair

office chair with massage

Key Features:

  • Alloy frame conform sturdy construction
  • Comfortable rocking as 20 degree
  • Included headrest and lumbar support 
  • Easy assembling 
  • Comes with 90-180 degree relining
  • PU leather ensure better sitting experience

If you are finding a luxurious office chair purchase which comes with USB cable power supply massager which is helpful to relieve the back pain. Included with three distinctive adjustable 90 to 180 degree  recline for working, sleeping and rest motion with locking any angle while 20 degree rocking is excited feature. This have durable structure with alloy frame which capable to take load up to 350 lbs.

Through the winged back wighi is designed per human body organism easily fit with chair and being a supportive unit for your long termed siting.The retractable footrest and signature linkage armrest ensure high quality maintained designed for supreme comfort. Henceforth nylon made 360 degree rolling casters with seat give flexibility in your office to move. The overall height great suggest for them who have more height.

Why we picked it 

    • Alloy frame conform sturdy construction
    • Comfortable rocking as 20 degree
    • Included headrest and lumbar support 
    • Easy assembling 
    • Comes with 90-180 degree relining
    • PU leather ensure better sitting experience

Note: This chair  has 1 year warranty which is limited comparison to their price

6. Office Chair With Lumbar Support - Ergonomic High Back mesh Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Build to last
  • It has 250 lb weight capacity
  • 90 degree foldable armrest 
  • Lightweight makes easy moving 
  • Come from breathable property
  • Well pricing with ergonomic design

To provide most effective support on your waist and full body this office chair is got designed with adjustable lumbar support with well build head support. While the 90 degree flip up armrest easily helps you tuck the chair under your desk for saving space in your room. Manufacturer take the heavy mechanism for taking eighth capacity more than 250lbs and longevity.

Ergonomic office chairs are more popular as they are designed a standard size with match different body shape and height. While the customizable height and freedom with 360 degree swivel seat and 5 custers, the mute nylon custer are capable to move smoothly. Mesh back with high density sponge cushion for make you office time more comfortable through their breability and extra softness.

Why we picked it 

    • Fastest assembling
    • Easy swiveling 360 degree
    • Adjustable height 
    • Stable nylon base
    • High backrest leaning function
    • Ideal for home and office work 

Note: Because of their width several customers say this chair does not fit easily.

7. Adjustable Lumbar Support Office Chair -

adjustable lumbar support office chair

Key Features:

  • Smooth rolling casters for easy moving 
  • Breathable faux leather for long time sitting
  • Adjustable  seat height
  • Tilt tension knob for easy control
  • Equipped with heavy duty nylon base
  • Waterfall seat edge to balance the full weight lifting

Majority of the people try to buy an office chair which has an extra soft cushion for more comfort and manufacturer thinks on your level and need and offers this model. They have built in lumbar support which  is adjustable with a under seat knob. Moreover the pneumatic knob to tilt the chair on rocking mood while 360 degree swivel seat and cluster for smooth mobility for sensitive floor and carpet.

By 30-110 degree rocking function for back and forth to grab ultimate relation at your break. But the tilt angle can lock through the knob. The thick padded head and armrest keeps for full body in a flexible posture. This chair comes with a 1 year warranty feature for customer happy purchase. The nylon base and custers for best stability and mobility. The sturdy material of the chair frame and faux leather offer 250 lbs and ultimate comfort.

Why we picked it 

  • Back and forth rocking system
  • Built in lumbar support
  • Thick padded armrest for relaxation
  • Engineered with build in innerspring 
  • Double padded seat cushion
  • Have a large size and easy to assemble

Note: Some of the customers reviewed that thor chire have bad screwed and not drilled required depth.

8. Adjustable Height Office Chair - Ergonomic Mid Back Mesh Office Chair Desk Chair

Key Features:

  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Used high quality materials for structure
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Adjustable seating height
  • Reliable comfort comes with high density foam
  • Assembling takes few minutes

The mesh back of the chair is twice comfortable for anything when you will take them for excessive use such as office. In this chair used mesh is breathable and high density. Though they have a simple appearance but loaded with functionality such as adjustable seat height and armrest. The leaning option of backrest provides your blissful time when you are really tired.The armrest 90 degree angle is most arresting feature

There is no issue if you are a bit heavier because this chair has a wide back and seat which easily fit without struggling. Because of the study footbase and well made claw they can afford more than 250 lbs weight. Yet, their lightweight structure helps you to move effortlessly. So you can confidently buy them for your better sitting experience. They have two solid color as baclk and white option to make you more forthright. 

Why we picked it 

  • Incorporation with flip up armrest 
  • 90 to 120 degree backrest leaning
  • It has 250 weight capacity
  • Available to colour option
  • Good value to the price
  • Stable base with wide seat

Note: In this model of office chair that has no headrest.

9. Adjustable Arm Office Chair - Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel Home Comfort Chairs

adjustable arm office chair

Key Features:

  • Mesh back have super breathability
  • Durable and simple office chair
  • Flip arms saves space
  • Seat height adjustability
  • Easy going with various stature
  • Weight capacity limitation is 250 lbs

When you need clear floor in your small place at a same time armrest with your chair adjustable armchair is wonderful choice undoubtedly. In the chair you manufacturer offer you 90 degree flip up armrest for tucking in your desk. And if you are get tired with lots of works 90 to 120 degree rocking features to for relaxation with your office chair. Furthermore the adjustable height 17.7 inches 21.2 inch according to your task type and desk height.

Dee padding in seat and sturdy mesh back designs to go rounds of the years. This material help you long time work in hot day as this mesh have breathability. Moreover the 360 degree swivel chair with nylon base and mute nylon you will be carefree with carpet flooring and smooth moving.The strong bearing capacity able to hold 250 lbs and international certification from SGS ensure level 3 cylinder security.

Why we picked it

  • Smooth rolling custer to easy move
  • Rotates 360 degree
  • Extremely supportive for lower back 
  • Wide application for home and office
  • Comes with 120 degree tilt tension
  • Safety corner shaped design

Note: Assembling this chair could be a bit crucial.

10. Office Chair With Footrest - High Back Mesh Computer Desk Chair

office chair with footrest

Key Features:

  • Breathable mesh back comfortable for long time sitting
  • Adjustable Lumbar support and armrest
  • 360 degree swivel seat and caster 
  • Control handle to increase flexibility
  • Suggested weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Thick padded seat and armrest

Footrest is a convenient feature for a good working or gaming chair. With the retractable footrest you can arrange this office chair 90 to 160 degree according to you need working to sleeping which can be locked in your preferable angle. To offer you more comfortable sitting it come with breathable mesh back which follow ergonomic design with soft 4.3 inches  padded seat.

With having seat height adjustable function sit with your chai your required height. Even this is amazingly designed to provide lumbar support for your hard working day too. Also the 360 degree swivel seat and clasters to make you multi tasker and smooth mobility.With linage armrest support which is cover PU leather makes more comfortable for your arms. Most reliable structure of this office chair supports 300lbs by nylon base and clusters.

Why we picked it

  • Great value of price
  • Super durable construction and comfort seat
  • Neck support included
  • Good choice for tall and heavy person
  • Angle locked system for safety
  • Retractable footrest for ultimate relaxation

Note: This chair is not designed to tilt and rocking while it has a reclining option.

11. Office Chair With Headrest - Hbada Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

office chair with headrest

Key Features:

  • Better experience of sitting more than 8  working hour
  • The T shaped  armrest has adjustable feature
  • Lumbar support can be adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Breathable corrugated mesh
  • SGS certified 3 level cylinder for safe issue

An office chair always alway something more special for anyone who works in a single position in an office or home working desk.While  adjustable headrest provides more convenience with 5cim in height and 30 degree rotatable features. well made  back comes with ergonomic design with 8 cm  adjustable height.It featured with 10 cm height adjustability in armrest as well as 125 degree large recline to ensure ultimate bliss. 

The high back of this chair comes with corrugated mesh which have tear resistance, trong toughness,good flexibility and breathability to make you carefree seat for long time uses.Also the wheel for this chair designed from nylon materials which is were resistance,non slip and shock absorbing.on the contrary steel base and alloy construction of have enough strength to hold more than 250 lbs. 

Why we picked it

  • Reclining system from 90-125 degree
  • Straight head support
  • Structured with  high quality alloy steel 
  • Adjustable seat height and depth
  • Non Slip and wear resistance nylon wheel
  • Sturdy base capable to hold 250 lbs

Note: It can be a little short for the average height people.

12. Office Chair With Arms - Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair

office chair with arms

Key Features:

  • Y shaped  backrest to provide best spine support 
  • Specialized for long time setting
  • Easy to put together
  • Foam padding to supreme comfort
  • 30 degree rotatable headrest 
  • Mobility comes with nylon cover duel wheel

Among the best office chairs under $200 it took a good position not only because of their modern design but the versatile functionality in your working days. It has high back to be complete support along with backrest and armrest. It comes with Y shaped backrest to support both sides with adjustability. While you can not skip the thickened 8cm high density cushion which will not hurt you back for long time sitting.

Because of its 90 to 155 recycling system with lock you can claim its best advantages in various actility like working, taking rest and sleeping. The adjustable neck 7 cm to 30 degree rotation extends your freedom. Their 360 degree swivel PU covered dual wheel mute cluster allow smooth movement from one place to another. Aside all the thing they have 1 yer warranty and nylon base to support up 226 lbs.

Why we picked it

  • Three angle adjustment for,sleep,work and rest
  • High weight capacity
  • Included with installation guide and tools
  • Comes with adjustable height seat 
  • Ergonomic design provide relaxed setting
  • Simple and stylish 

Note: These chairs come with the least warranty as  only 1 year which is literally unsatisfied.

13. Office Chair With Back Support - High Back Ergonomic Mesh Desk Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Wide backrest to keep your spine straight
  • Holds up to 330 lbs
  • Noiseless movement with smooth custers
  • Lumbar cushion for healthy posture
  • Padded armrest with ergonomic design
  • Two super soft cotton shell for durability

No matter you have good health and you are bit nervous to purchase a office chair for you. AS this have 300lbs weight capacity which conform their high quality material such as reinforced mesh which is proved oneself durable and long lasting. Addition of extra pillow for for stress free lower back whether it is long time to sitting work. Though the armrest is not adjustable but they covered with soft padded for extra comfort.

This ergonomic chair have 90 to120 degree tilt back seat which allows used to create own comfort zone with chair by pneumatic control. The cloth hanger beside the chair offer the wrinkle free coat without taking any hassle. Memory soft foam is another feature which cath your eyes toward them because of their reliability. Durable nylon cluster and 5 claw stable base for ultimate mobility with 360 degree seat and cluster rotation..

Why we picked it

  • Incorporated with cloth hanger
  • Adjustable height and angle for headrest
  • Comes with 4.24 height adjustability
  • Have 360 degree rotation of seat and casters
  • High quality mesh with breathability 
  • There are 5 claw chair leg with excellent base

Note: The armrest of the chair aaaare not much wide as your elbow  can reach the plastic portion of the table.

14. Black Mesh Office Chair - Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair

Key Features:

  • Flip up armrest with well padding 
  • Arrival with lumber cushioning 
  • Tested product of ANSI and BIFMA
  • Incredible dual wheel caster
  • Have beautiful silver accent 
  • Super adjustable locking tilt control with  tilt tension

A professional office chair have several characteristics to being comfortable and functional. Ergonomic design is reliable with lumbar cushion support for the lower back maintain a usual straight human posture. Henceforth height adjustability by one prenume touch as well as well padded armrest make sure utmost comfortable sit. 

You can simply use them with locking tilt control with adjustable tilt tension. Sometime an office chair requires more than a simple one through their appearance, while this one has a silver accent to more elegance. You all confusion will be clear with their certification from ANSI, Greenguard  and BIFMA as a reliable product.

Why we picked it

  • Space saving design
  • Greenguard certified
  • Stylish and comfortable addition for home and office
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • One touch height adjustable

Note: At the newer condition of this office chair mesh back rest can be a bit scratched in some cases.

15. Black Office Chair - LUCKWIND Ergonomic Office Chair

black office chair

Key Features:

  • Three colour options
  • Spacious seat and back
  • Comes with updated thicken and soft cushion 
  • PU leather materials
  • Nylon carpet custers
  • Slim and elegant design

While a chair has a wide range of applications in your home working area or office with all the requirements even 3 most polished colours you must purchase one to step down on your potensial office working. Plus, spacious seat rom thick cushion  with backrest won’t let you down in your working days.

If you are one of them who love to pick slim but durable construction here the most considerable choice with alloy and pu leather materials. The chrome finish in armrest and base easily match any decoration. Also 30 degree  smooth leaning,tilt and tension control with high adjetabity make the most convenient tags in this list.

Why we picked it

  • Swivel 360 degree for seat and custers
  • Accented metal base for durability 
  • Customisable height
  • Designed to ergonomic armrest
  • Easy access with lockable tilt control
  • Offers 30 degree smooth leaning feature

Note: Assembling may be crucial for those who have no basic idea about this.

16. White Office Chair - Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Casters

White office chair

Key Features:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • For moving freedom 360 degree swivel seat and custers
  • Suggested weight capacity 275 lbs
  • Smooth rolling caster for 
  •  An Amazonbasics product
  • Great combination of bonded leather and PVC

Without 360 degree swivel option in their seat and clusters you can’t imagine your modern office chair. For supreme versatility to multi tasking is featheur is essential. As your office chair alway cather anyone first game you should keep them a professional lok as this chair have by contoured back cursing with ergonomic design.

White leather is more elegant in an office environment such as white and brown. Like other most innovative office chair it have seat adjustment and smooth rolling casters. But it is a product which meet BIFMA test. Moreover it is a amazonbasics product with robust structure  that capable to hold 275 lbs weight capacity and leather sopholsety.

Why we picked it

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Contoured back for elegance and comfort
  • Back and fitch rocking
  • Certified product of BIMFA
  • Pneumatic control handle

Note: These chairs have no seat height adjustability and flip up system.


17. Grey Office Chair - Ergonomic Swivel Task Computer Desk Home Office Chair

grey office chair

Key Features:

  • Curved back design fits back perfectly
  • Rocking function for more relaxation
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Seat have 360 degree swivel
  • All required installation tools and instruction included
  • Hold up to 250 lbs

Grey always bears a cool and balanced colour for an office chair which will build an odd sense in anyhow. Also, this item have grey colour with tons of functionality with sleek design. So we don’t suggest this product not only judging the colour only. As the mufectures shipping this with a well readable instruction guide and tools food fastest assemble,so no worry for assembling.

Okay,this office chair has mesh back which is durable and comfortable in all the environment even hot season.You can adjust 120 degree rocking mode per user need included looked design. While the ergonomic design of this chair support you lumber effectively according human spine arrangements. Alloy steel construction with well made base holds 250lbs.

Why we picked it

  • All screws have reliable backup
  • Simple to assemble
  • Stable  base with flexible rotation
  • Incorporates with ergonomic armrest 
  • High quality mesh for comfort and support
  • Lumbar support for long term use

Note:They do not come with armrest adjustability and great fitting of heavy people which can be some problematic issue.

18. Brown Office Chair - High Back Task Chair with Headrest

Brown office chair

Key Features:

  • Breathable mesh back
  • PU leather property
  • Sponge seat and neck rest for comfort
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Tilt tension control knob for easy adjustment
  • Sturdy steel made gas lift SGS certified

After reviewing the 17 beautiful and multi functional best office chairs under $200 we are now at our last product which can be your next purchase. You can also took the black colour option if you think that the right match for your office decoration. This have really ellegen looking with mid mesh back rest and brown sponge  leather seat and headrest. The whole structure provide you straight sitting chair in your working place.

Even the premium PU leather over sponge filling and ergonomic design with PP and nylon materials all get together to offer more reliability as 264 lbs weight capacity holding an office chair for your. T place. Height adjustability and recliner features of this chair simply comfy with your working time.

Why we picked it

  • Larger seat and back for all shaped p[eople
  • A wide application
  • Swivel seat and custer for mobility
  • Support up to 265lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great care for lower and middle back

Note: Padless armrest is the drawback of the office chair which will be hurting for users for a long time.

Office Chair Buying Guide

Finding a right office chair is a task when you have no clue about their good features. But with a proper guideline you can easily get the best one. As you wont go any wrong way here the reliable and distinctive buyer guide.

Things to notice to buy a good office chair

Office chairs are decorative and functional things for any active and sophisticated office. For keeping your investment save and proving worker good health consider these things:

Height adjustability

No matter the size of people sit any chair but comfortably sitting comes with setting of chair adjustable height according to user height and their task type. Manufacturers add a versatile option to set the height for the best ebay of access. So pick that one which have height adjustability that any other member of office or home can easily use this one.

Frame Construction

Office chairs with bad frame quality leave risks of breaking down after using few day  and unwanted  accident with user. While you are finding best office chair under $200 as cheap option you should carefully look their construction materials and weight capacity. You can choose steeland other reliable sturdy material which pickled for their constractions.

Good Base

You can’t overlook the good base a good office chair.Like other attractive and convenient features this is a functional featuring. If your chair base won’t strong  the whole chaire wont capable to take the extreme weight of any one. Check the material and structural pattern of the chair base to being a wise investor on this product.

Castors Wheel

In various office you must notice the disgusting noise for the  absence  of 36o degree caster rotation of the chair when a worker moving or sudden failure of the balance and break down. So avoid this type of accident choose a good material caster with swivel option to ensure ultimate freedom to mobility with long lasting use.

Arm Support

Though arm support makes a distance from the desk but without arm support in your office chair cannot be utmost relaxing while you are taking rest at your break. In modern design office chairs have flip up design or adjustable height arm support as user can easily set the preferable height while flip up can increase your floor space by tucking them into desk.

Comfortable Backrest

Majority of the people  prefer their office chair with backrest from mesh or padded leather which are comfortable and durable. Leather backrest is eleence and professional while breathable mesh backrest are ideal choice for daily and long term use even in hot temperature. Some back rest come with several division with perfectly fit with body.


With headrest and without you can easily get a difference for supreme relaxation after completing lots of work. To keep human body common posture headrest added more flexibility. In these day office chair’s headrest have rotating lock and height adjustability according to user preference and height. To red rid of neck pain this are affection addition in office chair.

Warranty Feature

In the cases of purchasing an office chair in low budget warranty features can be most considerable things. If manufacturers provide you warranty they are sure enough about the product quality while the money back guarantee and others keep your investment safe.


As a deep researched always make good result to purchase a good office chair we present here a list of 18 best office chairs under $200 with a buying guide that will help you efficiently to find your office chair. We spend to make this several hours to experiment with hundred products from various brand and select these which have best customer rating and review along with standard requirements.  

So, this writing is about your comfortable sitting experience in your office with the best chair. Still you have any query you feel free to ask us to leave a comment and share your new purchased chaire experience with us.

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