How to Remove Star Base From Office Chair

How to Remove Star Base From Office Chair

Man may sit in the office chair for a long time at work. Generally, he suggests that the designs of the official chairs are comfortable and repressible for a long time.

Office chair problems should not always command you to buy a new chair. Instead, you may  replace or repair the broken part.

However, anyone may  replace the star base of the office chair because of tear and wear. Removing star base from office chair is really very simple

If you want to remove the star base, then you have to follow  some steps one by one. In most events it doesn’t even order any tools. Raise the chair gas piston to the to-pest position, hold the office chair seat with one hand and pull the chair tackle handle with the other hand, flirt with a pull force several times, done ! The gas piston and star base casters were apart with upholstered office chairs. First, we’ll talk about easy removing methods so that you can remove star base from office chair?

Method- 1

An office chair base takes on  lubricants such as grease. The lubricant may make your ground dirty. Newspaper or cloth will prevent your ground from getting dirty. If you don’t put newspaper on the ground you could end up making your floor dirty with grease. Newspapers to help  you with that.

Method- 2

Place The Holding Clip:

After you are done with putting the chair upside down, now you have to locate the holding clip. Most of the office chairs hold this clip at the prime of the base. So you will find it at the exact point of the base.

Method- 3

Remove the casters:

You have to remove the caster wheels from your old base. You may remove the casters very easily. Try pulling out the casters one by one using your hand. If you find it hard, don’t worry I will discuss removing the casters next. So retain reading.

Method- 4

Select New Base:

To remove the casters from the old base, you will get the new form. Then, reinstall the casters.

To reinstall the casters, suit the base on the ground and line up the chair’s cylinder on the star base’s hole. Push it under and trail if the chair is stable.

Method- 5

At first you  took the chair off the chair base to give easy entry to the legs. Then you  gave it some whacks with a rubber pestle, which didn’t seem to do enough. You then used some oil and tried again, substituting whacking opposite sides of the wheeled part really solid, and it came off.

Method- 6

If you want to know how to remove star base from office chair, it will take 2 people to do it. You will need a hammer and a 2×4 piece of wood. For removing the five star base from the gas lift, turn the chair upside down. Have one person catch the chair on the 5 star base upside down and the other person needs to set the piece of wood on the gas lift.

You have to use the side of the hammer to hit the wood so  that you don’t harm the gas lift. Avoid  hitting any of the parts on the gas lift to save it unbroken. The more you will  hit the gas lift, the more pressure will release. After some hits, the base should come aside.

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Method- 7

Removing the seat plate:

Removing Star Base from Office Chair, you can use the Allen wrench so that you can come with the chair to unscrew the seat plate from the seat bed. Make sure to put  the black plastic spacer joint  to the seat bed.

Method- 8

First you have to search the holding center of the clip on the base of the chair. then remove the clip to use the needle and nose pliers. Also, by using the Flathead screwdriver to express the clip and you will to Remove Star Base from Office Chair.

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Method- 9

Removing  the Washer:

This method is very easy and simple. You have to remove the washer from the apex of the star base round the piston. The washer on the apex of the base of the chair will just be simply pulled off.

Method- 10

Pull the Star Base Out:

This is the last method for how to remove the star base from office chair. After removing the washer, you have to turn the star base counter-clockwise ,you have to pull it out at the identical time. The star base and the gas cylinder will come off at the identical time in one piece. The gas cylinder remains hidden inside the base. You have to watch out for grease coating as well.

Method- 11

If the chair is not perfect on the floor of the office, one can fall while sitting on a chair. Now we will consult the soft casters of the wheel. Every one should use it on hard surfaces like tiles, cement, or wood. Mainly, the smooth wheels are elastic that is why it may defend the look of the ground appearance. That’s all about how to remove star base from office chair. Anyone may use the soft wheels on the hard step made with hard rubber, plastic, and metal. The material of both casters is almost the same. Even you can not understand the variety by looking at the materials. Finding the soft wheel, you have to touch on them and feel which one is soft. But one thing you must remember is that the hard wheels have no liveliness.


We hope that after studying  this article, you have got more information about how to remove starbase from office chair and the office chair’s parts. We hope that the information  which we’ve written in this article and you  will be able to understand how to remove starbase from office chair.

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