How to Fix an Office Chair That Won't Stay Up

How to Fix an Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up

An office chair is an urgent part of fitment in an office or home office. Sitting and working for long times may cause back pain. You may protect it by using a satisfied office chair that may  support your back.In this way, it is best to hoist in an ergonomic and working office chair .You necessity To be at the right height level to work satisfied and efficiently. A satisfied office chair is needed to finish  our work smoothly. Using an office chair that won’t stay up may be hampering and may effectively hinder productivity in the task place. Chairs could stay up when not using  but sinks once you sit on them for work. In most events, people consider acquiring replacements when they skill this problem with their office chairs.

However, it is good to notice that you may  actually try  ways to ensure that your chair stays up. Here we look at the best techniques on how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up.

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  1. The Mechanism of an Office Chair.
  2. The PVC Pipe Method for Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up: 
  3. The bookworm. 
  4. Adjust the Chair height 
  5. Tighten the Hose Clamp

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The Method Of an Office Chair

Office chairs are prepared with a pneumatic cylinder that uses pressurized air to limit the height of the chair. The pneumatic cylinder with pressurized air makes a protection  system that works as a suspension that permits  you to adjust height.

A pneumatic support technique  also includes an enner control valve that is activated  when adjusting the height, causing the chair to rise or sink and control your weight. Unfortunately, the pneumatic cylinder on  chairs can fail with time, especially when the seal is too destroyed to retain the much-needed pressure.

When such an issue comes up is replacing the pneumatic cylinder, but the cost of doing this could make you careful buying a new chair.

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Use a PVC Pipe

Another method of fixing a sinking chair is through a PVC pipe. The concept of this way is to ensure the chair would not fall lower. You can add or without  the PVC pipe according to the height you need so that you get How to Fix an Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up.

Here’s how

Look for one that is a bit larger than the chair’s cylinder, but with the same height.Using  a tape measure to condition the right dimension of the pipe.Make sure that the PVC pipe is long suitable so that it may  cover the inner cylinder. Cutting  the pipe from one tip to the other lengthwise. In this way resulting in a rip. Make sure not to breathe the irritating particles from the pipe by wearing a mask.Slide the rip so that it will attach to the cylinder. If you find difficulty inserting the cylinder, you may cut the pipe into shorter pieces. 

The Bookworm

When anyone  is sitting on the chair, the chair stays at its standard height and remains up because the Cylinder’s pressure is more than the atmospheric pressure. When a man sits on the chair, it asserts the lever’s pressure, and then the piston moves into the office.  The process inserts the pressure and compresses the air in the Cylinder. This method adjusts the height of the chair that enables the chair to sink and rises. Though the chair won’t stay up, it means there is something wrong  in the Cylinder and does not perform its function correctly.

Adjust the Chair Height

A bad computer chair can be very averted, especially when your chair keeps sinking, but it doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and buy a new chair just yet. Even if you may find an easy task chair. Desk chairs to take care of  to break down after a few years. 

For your happiness, adjust the chair to your preferred height. It is more difficult to set the chair height after the whole process, so it’s recommended to adjust the height. Confirm that your feet are comfortable on the floor while sitting on the chair. you will keep  from getting tired at work.If the chair’s height is too low, add the small pieces of PVC pipe. On the other hand, if the chair height is too high, you may lower it by removing the pipe pieces

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Tighten the Hose Clamp

If you finished the rest of the marks properly, it’s time to tighten the hose clamp as much as you can.Command the top of the cylinder and slide the clamp up. Make sure the ergonomic chair has the right height before completing the footstep.Once you are sure that everything is alright, pull the hose clamp. Then, rotate the screw to tighten it.


So how to fix a chair that won’t stay up? I hope you get the most effective  and most accessible fixes in case of a problem. Most people look for a pneumatic cylinder replacement, but it is somewhat higher. So, fixing a sinking chair with these methods better saves your day, efforts, and money

A satisfied office chair is necessary to complete our task easily. If the office chair does not stay up, it isn’t very lovely and certainly impacts its strength or efficiency.

How to Replace Office Chair Wheels

Sometimes the new Xbox one gaming chair may not stay up even if it is in good form. Such chairs can stay up when no one is sitting on them, but they don’t stay in the same position once they are  used or sit on the chair.

When a person could not finish his work expertly on a chair, then he must think free of it. If you are thinking about changing the chair and buying a new one, you don’t need to misuse money in this way. Instead, you may fix this chair and save your money and get your chair in the best condition.

Overall, having a chair that will not stay up may  be boring and may also negatively affect your productivity. However, as you have seen above, there are inexpensive and the best ways to mend the chair rather than replacing the cylinder or the total chair.

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