How to Draw a Beach Chair Easy

How to Draw a Beach Chair Easy

We are going to teach you that how to draw a beach chair easy does not have to be that difficult, messy, time-consuming process. Have you ever been on vacation at Sea beach?Have you ever been sitting in a beach chair with your feet in the warm sand? This is the most relaxing activity in the world to  many people. Taking enjoyment of summer by drawing a beach chair scene.   

If you follow our easy steps in this article, you may even have fun with a friend.

Draw a Chair in Perspective Step by Step

Step: 1 

To go over your pencil lines with a pen and wipe the pencil. Take a marker or a pen and go over the lines that you want to keep in your drawing. Draw a plain horizontal line across the half of your piece of paper. This will be the skyline. You possibly made a lot of extra wiggly lines when you were sketching with a marker or pencil  and you don’t need to keep those in.

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Step: 2

Create  a wavy line for the side  of the water. Below the horizon line, but not quite at the base of your paper, draw a flowing line across your whole page. This will impress the tide-line, where the water reaches the sand. Making  the inflection  of the line different sizes to make the water line look more realistic

Step: 3

Draw little quarrel in the water to look like waves. Your scene will have the beach in the base part of your page, then the water, and then the sky. Making it clear that the sea is water by adding little quarrel to look like waves. Add a beach umbrella to make it look like people were there. It could be clever to actually draw people, but you can build  the beach look full of life by adding in a beach umbrella. You can add a beach towel below the towel by drawing a diamond. This will look like a tilted towel. Don’t think too much about making it look perfect. You are just at the pencil period , and can fix it up later with colors.

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Step: 4

To Draw clouds in the sky. By drawing a cloud, sketch short, connected crooked  lines. You can make the clouds as big or small as you like , and can also add rotation in the middle of the cloud for a more realistic effect. If you want to get your beach scene to be perfectly sunny, with no clouds, then feel free to skip them design a boat in the water to add some fun detail. Draw the hull of the boat by drawing a half round.

Step: 5

Draw a sun or a moon. If you want to see  your beach scene take place at sunrise or sunset, then draw the sun as half a round, sticking out of your horizon line, in the middle of the page. If you want to see  your beach scene take place in the middle of the day, then draw the sun as a full round floating in the sky.

If you want to see the scene at night, add a moon by either drawing a round or a moony Don’t worry if the round isn’t perfect! Most of the time people don’t see directly at the sun, so they don’t really see a perfect round. You can give the Sun a friendly smiley face.

If you want to get scenes in the day, color the sky a light blue and the sea a slightly darker blue-green. If you want to get a scene at sunrise or sunset, color the sky with stripes of color, and make those colors gleam a bit off the water too. Shade gradually in and make the desired look of.

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My Purpose from today’s article was for you to have gained a lot of handy instructions to help you learn how to draw a beach chair easy, and hopefully this has helped forget any worries that you may have had in terms of this method.

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