Buying a cupboard

Buying a cupboard: useful tips to pay attention

Every once in a while we all need a new wardrobe. Whether that’s because your old cabinet has defects or you’re just ready for something new. To be sure that you buy a cabinet that will actually make you happy, it is important to think carefully about a number of things in advance. We are happy to give you useful tips on what you should pay attention to when buying a new cabinet!

Tip 1: go for a cabinet that matches your wishes

Cabinets come in many shapes and sizes. It is therefore important to carefully consider in advance what your new cabinet must meet. This way you immediately know which type of cabinet is most suitable for you. Discover the main features of different types of cabinets:


With a sideboard, you create a warm and rural atmosphere in your interior. Great for kitchens and living rooms. It is the ideal piece of furniture for storing crockery and other cooking utensils, but also for displaying your unique collection. Due to the variety in glass and closed doors, you can easily determine what is and what is not immediately visible.


If you have less space available but are looking for a cabinet with a lot of storage space, a sideboard is a good choice. For example, a sideboard offers enough space for storing all your things, but you can also put all kinds of nice things on it. Think of photo frames, vases, candles, and lamps. You make optimal use of the available space.


What the name suggests is that a bookcase is very popular among real book lovers. Thanks to the many shelves, there is a place for every book. But actually, you can go many more ways with a bookcase… So you can also simply use the bookcase as a true showpiece. Display your most beautiful collections and accessories, add some photo frames and you have a great piece of furniture!

Display cabinets

A display cabinet comes in many shapes and sizes. From closed to open doors, from sliding doors to revolving doors, and from wide to narrow. That is why a display cabinet is always a good idea. Tailor the cabinet completely to your wishes and interior. For example, opt for a striking light pink display cabinet or a robust gray cabinet. You also have the choice of a cabinet with glass or without. Get started!

TV furniture

Just like with a bookcase, you can imagine what it was originally intended for with TV furniture. Yes, for your television. Very functional and you can also neatly assemble all cords and cables out of sight. The furniture is available with or without open spaces. For example, you can give the box of your TV provider a handy place.

Custom cabinets

Can’t find a cabinet that exactly meets your needs? Sorry, but no problem. Because then you just design one yourself, right? Determine the correct dimensions, the number of doors and drawers, the desired color, and much more. With a custom closet, you can easily create the closet you have in mind! Get more buying ideas here 

Tip 2: determine the available space

Think carefully in advance about how much space you have for the cupboard. Furniture that is too small in a large space makes your interior look like a doll’s house, but furniture that is too large in a small space is also not what you want. Balance is the key. Therefore, measure the available space carefully and draw it out on paper. You can also view online with various programs how you can decorate your space nicely. In addition, don’t forget to consider how much storage space you actually need. There is nothing more annoying than buying a new cupboard in which you ultimately only have room for half of your stuff. If you have all this in mind in advance, the chance of a bad buy is much smaller.

Tip 3: choose the cabinet that matches the interior

Of course, the cabinet must fit in perfectly with your interior. Ask yourself whether you want the new cabinet to serve as a real eye-catcher or to blend in with your interior. For example, you can opt for striking colors, special shapes, and a prominent place. Or just for a cabinet with simple shapes and a calm color palette. A white cabinet made of wood always works very well! In addition, you can choose from a cabinet with open or closed doors or a combination of these. This way you can choose whether you want to show your accessories nicely or rather hide them behind closed doors.

Good luck and have fun finding the perfect cabinet for your interior! Could you use some inspiration? Then visit our Woonnkamer De Woonnkamer or view the collection online.

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