How to Fix Squeaky Office Chair

How to Fix Squeaky Office Chair

Nothing can be more annoying than the squeaking sound of your office chair when you are too busy with your work.But good news is that  you can complete the whole process of how to fix a squeaky office chair by yourself.This problem is not happened for only old chair but a branded  new one  can be enlisted in this list even after few days use.

Most of the time it is not being a trable for one who is sitting on the chair only even the other co worker and clients being nagged at this sound.Of course you feel ashamed when they make really lost.Luckily,this huge problem can be solved with simple effort and least time.While best benefit of this once you learn this you can apply this for your other pieces of furniture which have same problem.

Whether you have less idea about you office chair arrangements or not our well rehearsed guideline included every interteraled components poisoning and what type of problem can be happened and how can be resolves them securely and effectively.So you can relaxed that you have a proper guidelines which not let go wrong steps if your are careful and confident to deal with how to fix a squeaky office chair.

Why does your office chair make a squeaky sound?

Flexibility of your office chair comes with making a great collaboration of individual mechanisms which are screwed together for offering  various luxurious function.If you notice the underneath of your chair you will find there are numerous intercourse for weight lifting,height adjustability and set them various directions to ensure user comfort.On the contrary because of the  constant using create disturbing  sound from the loosen screws at rubbing against each  other parts  and bolts,seat,backrest ,armrest or worn of the factory lubrican in certain joint in this system  and more.

Determine the source or place of the squeaking

We have already made the list of reason of office chair squeaking.Now it is time to determine from where this sounds creat and come exactly.This step help you not being conferred to find the exact location where you want to oiling or nailing the joints.In this case you can take help from anyone by sitting on the chair and shifting weights to get the exact area where from the sound comes and by using a duct tape mark the place to fix it accurately.

Get together all tools

You can not remove the housing and several connections with only your hands.May be it can be injurious for your hands.Once you find the exact location from where the sound comes place your chair a comfortable  position like plain floor and and disassemble the chaid if required.These are the tools to help you in this task:

  • Set of screwdriver
  • Rust free Nails 
  • Bolt remover
  • Drill

We put here all the needed things for both as nuts and bolts which require bilt remover and drill ,if your problem needs placement of new one or secure them correctly  and safely.

Ways of fixing a squeaky office chair

Previous parts of this writing already provide ideas about the determination of the place from where the songs come and which parts can be responsible to make this sound and reasons beyond this.But the most important thing is also left which is mainly titled.So leaving this  now start scrolling to explore the fairly easy yet effective ideas for how to fix a squeaky office chair.

 Find the rusted part clean properly

Mechanism of this type of chair have extended of possibility of getting rust as they have metal construction  in swivel wheel.height adjustability mechanism and more try to clean up them with steel wool and toothbrush whie soaking these part into the white vinegar is more effective solution to get rid of rusty.Here you should be careful to ensure that there won’t be any  rusty part in the housing.

Tighten the bolts and screws 

Okay,if you are on the way of fixing the squeaky of your office chair loosen of the bolts and screws and most common reason for that.If you already found the loosen bolt and screws which making this tighten it perfectly or if you not capable to find the exact one casually tighten all existing them to make you more confident about their tight fitting.Here you can use screwdriver set for more harder.

Apply  lubricants oil on moving mechanism

This is the most effective way to long lasting and flexible things for losing screws which are not easily replaced or cleaned in this type of piece of furniture.You can use them with soft cloth or specialized spray for grease. When you oling the affected area try spinning the chair to make it more adequate to find the exact area and bolts are responsible for squeaky sound.In the market you can get the most popular lubricants brand which are really workable.

Check the back of the chair

Seat tension which is located inside the turn knob housing of your chair can be a most considerable reason for squeak for your leaning back for too much tension in the back area and  at the point where  the spring ends rubs on the housing ends.You can easily fix this problem by loosen the seat tension’s turn knob and aside this to spray oil inside the housing. 

Examine the wheel of the chair

Wheels of this type of chair moves a lot to provide ultimate freedom of their user which are mostly inserted in the chairs body with a metal post which situated to the top of the wheel and for random use they can be loosen.As a result it create sound.In this case flip your chair and spray silicone around the wheel entire if you can not be able to remove them.


These are the enough resolved  steps to how to fix a squeaky office chair.But after applying all these ways if you have the stubborn squeaking in your office chair it may the reason of priston which involved to height adjustment.Hence you should spray oil on the all moving parts inside the housing properly with tighten all the exiting mechanism and joints.Even,now we are pretty sure that at this time your office chair wont more squeaky.

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