How to Clean High Chair Straps

How to Clean High Chair Straps

High chairs are made for messes and are fully easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the chair using a clean damp cloth where all kinds of food are off without any effort.

Since the straps are made of fabric, they cannot be cleaned like the rest of the chairs because many of them are often quite pale, which means they stain easily.The whole process of cleaning the straps is much more satisfying if they are removable.

After a few months of using our new wooden high chair, it needs a good cleaning. Even with a padded high chair seat cover, the food is frozen in the corners so we have to know How to clean high chair straps.

You will need to clean high chair straps

  • Detergent
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Soft brush
  • Bleach (optional)
  • A disinfecting/ sterilizing solution

How To Clean High Chair Straps After Each Meal.After each meal you want to clean the straps of the upper chair so that they do not get stuck in the food particles and form mold.

#  Brush all loose food. You want to make sure that not all loose food particles break into cushions or straps which will make the straps more difficult to clean later.

# Wipe the whole seat well. Use a cloth and dish soap dash with water to remove high chair trays, seats, chair sides, trays and even release buttons.

# Sanitize after treating the tray well. You can use hydrogen peroxide or white to make homemade sanitizing solutions. I choose  to use a method cleaner and leave it on for more than  ten minutes before removing it to completely disinfect my high chairs.

How to clean high chair straps every use

# Disassemble all loose pieces To prevent food cushions from cushioning and security belts, remove all loose pieces to dispose of garbage using a napkin or dishcloth after each feeding.

# Erase the high chair with a damp cloth: After you have removed all the large and loose food pieces,erase the high chair with a damp cloth using only water after each feed. Remove all parts of the bottom to prevent food particles from forming.

# Sanitize Tray / Eating Surface: Sanitize food surface by spraying with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for five minutes and then erase with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can erase with a mixed bleach solution and let it dry. You can also delete a disinfectant

How to clean high chair straps weekly

# If you want to do a deep cleaning once a week to keep your high chair ,you should  sanitary and clean for your baby.

# Erase the entire seat from top to bottom with a damp cloth and a dab of dish soap.

# Clean all the exterior of the legs and upper chair.

# Make sure no food is stuck in the straps.

How to clean high chair straps Monthly

# Once a month, your high chair needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Remove cushions and safety straps. Be sure to check the label on the back of the high chair, but most high chairs can be thrown into the washing machine. Finally, the air needs to dry after washing. Do not keep these in the dryer.

# The most common places where food gets stuck are where the straps come up with a seat, release button, clamping mechanism or plastic seals. Remove food from small cracks Use a toothbrush to remove cake-on food from the nuggets and cranes of your elevated chair, just like the nuts in your car.

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# If you have obstinate particles of dry food, your elbows may need a little grease, then spray your high chair generously with a solution of half water and half vinegar until very warm. Remove stuck food: Let it sit for 5-10 minutes to soften food particles. Then shake off the stubborn food particles and erase the entire upholstered chair with a clean damp cloth.

How To Clean High Chair Straps Monthly

To thoroughly clean the whole chair once a month you need to know how to clean the straps of the high chair and here are the steps to follow.

# Check the label on your high chair cushions and separate the high chair so you can clean the cushions and straps. If it is OK, throw it in the washing machine. Generally, you need to air dry the cushions and avoid the dryer.

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#  Use a toothpick to curl up the high chair and enter the crane as food may be stuck there so remove food from all small cracks and crevices. Food can get stuck in small holes and then the mold grows and becomes a health risk for your baby.

# Take your high chair outside and wash it well with a hose. It can also help loosen the food stuck in the chair. If you can’t do that, use vinegar and water and a little elbow grease so the upper chair is very clean.

Cleaning removable high chair straps

#  If you do not have any kind of  washing machine, you can generally  wash it by hand. Use warm water and appropriate detergent to soak the straps for a few hours or overnight. To get rid of bad odors and remove bad stains, we suggest you add some white vinegar or baking soda. After that, rub gently with a soft brush

#  If you experience any stubborn stains, we recommend using bleach

# In addition to washing, if you want to disinfect the straps, we propose using vinegar or any disinfectant that you may find useful and safe in things used by children.

#  When all these steps are done properly, you are ready to go out and hang the straps to dry. To Clean Non Removable High Chair Straps

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# In a small bowl make a mixture of baking soda vinegar, warm water and dish soap or detergent.

# Use a microfiber cloth and dip it in the prepared solution.

# Rub the straps with a wet microfiber cloth. Be sure to erase  well and keep rubbing until all the gum is off. If you want to get dry food from the straps, try to stop the food with a butter knife or your nails.

# For stubborn marks on the straps, take your cleaning toothbrush and then dip it in baking soda. Rub the toothbrush on the mark in a gentle circular motion.

# Spray the straps with your favorite disinfectant.

# If you want to use bleach, make a 30/70 solution of your bleach and water and use it.


Do not mix vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or bleach as this can cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

You should never wet the parts of your high chair if:

  • It is made of wood.
  • The cushion is fabric.
  • It has metal parts.


My baby likes to mess around while eating, so I clean the whole house every day, not just a chair! I only use chemical-free products to protect my child’s health. It is definitely essential for every parent. I clean whatever I want by mixing white vinegar, baking soda and tea tree or lemon essential oil.One advantage of daily cleaning is that it prevents dirt from accumulating, making your cleaning sessions easier. It is important to wipe the chair after each meal and deep clean it every month or every week. It helps protect your baby from health complexity.This article has a detailed guide on how to clean high chair straps.

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